It is time to introduce one of the top strongest legendary type Pokemon in the Pokemon world. This Pokemon is Rayquaza, the Sky High Pokemon


“Rayquaza, The Sky High Pokemon”

Introduction to Rayquaza

It wouldn’t be right to not have included one of the top tier legendary Pokemon yet, so here it is – Rayquaza. Rayquaza gets its name of ‘the sky high Pokemon’ because of its location high up in the ozone layer. But, why is it there? Well, Rayquaza is known to be the protecter of the Pokemon world we know, so when there is need of help, Rayquaza is there to help and does so in some of the Anime, but more on that later.

Rayquaza is a Dragon and Flying type Pokemon which can fly at insane speeds. It takes the look of a Chinese dragon and can also mega evolve in the new games – Pokemon XY and Pokemon ORAS games.

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The Art


Right, I came across this piece of art while looking through some Pinterest artwork. I tried to look for the creator, but with no luck. If you can try and decipher the name shown at the bottom of the art, please contact us. What we do know is that the art is called Meteor Stream and was published on 2011. 1. 7. The Pinterest I found it on is at https://uk.pinterest.com/jiash4768/pokemon.  You can see many similar arts here.

Focusing more on the artwork itself… This is one hell of a creation. Rayquaza, deriving from the ozone layer and launching a meteor shower in this artwork perfectly captures what the Pokemon is about. Also, because this Pokemon is a dragon type, it could also be using Draco Meteor, a well known and powerful dragon type move in the game.

Whoever created this piece applied so much detail to the piece of art as you can see every scale on Rayquaza’s body and the molten rock breaking of each meteor. It is hard to see if the art started of as a hand drawn painting and then enhanced digitally or just digitally all together. However, it is safe to say it looks realistic with the many small details it has.

The artist has also taken consideration to the sun’s rays and it perfectly glistens on Rayquaza’s body. It reminds me a lot of the limousines I saw at a local limo service with its long shiny body that many people can ride on.

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Water Types

KyogreA little bit of topic to focusing on specific Pokemon, but remember, this is a blog focused on artwork too and when I find good artwork, they cannot be left out. So, we have this piece of artwork based on all water Pokemon.

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Marine Life Of The Pokemon World


Water Pokemon in Pokemon have some kind of unique characteristic to them. They all have the same elegantness to the way they swim and the way they battle. Like in real life, the Pokemon ocean has its own mystery about how many Pokemon have been discovered. We dive quite deep in the game, but not that deep… So, there are more out there.

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absolabsol-megaFor the reason of which I do not have the patience to wait until another time to show my other favourite Pokemon joint with Entei. This Pokemon is Absol, The Disaster Pokemon.

“Absol, The Disaster Pokemon”

Introduction to Absol

This is our first featured Pokemon to have currently been given the addition of a mega evolutions. If you do not know what a mega evolution is, then take a look at Bulbapedia’s explanation of what a mega evolution is. But, it basically means that the Pokemon is much stronger for a short time.

Focusing on Absol, this is a Pokemon which is a long time favourite of mine and is a very popular favourite to fans, especially in Japan (don’t ask me why). It is based on the design of a cat and takes its ‘known by’ name as the Disaster Pokemon most likely because cats are full of mischief.

Absol’s type is Dark and has a straightforward design of black and white along with looking like a cat too. However, it has one stand out feature and this is its large scythe on the side of its head. It uses this a lot when in battle.

Its mega form is even better, increasing its size, giving it more fur, a differently shaped scythe and not to mention… Wings!

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EnteiFor the second Pokemon I couldn’t resist to choose the personal favourite (joint favourite between two Pokemon). This Pokemon is Entei, The Volcano Pokemon.


“Entei, The Volcano Pokemon”

Introduction to Entei

Entei is known as the Volcano Pokemon which one appears every time a volcano appears within the Pokemon world. Also, it is known to erupt volcanoes whenever it lets out its ferocious roar.

Entei is one of the three legendary dog Pokemon from generation 2 which are resurrected by Ho-oh when the brass tower is burned down when struck by lightning. Entei represents the flames which burnt it down along with the other two legendary dogs representing the lightning (Rakou) which started the flames and the rain (Suicune) which put out the flames.

This Pokemon has become our blog’s second post for a reason and I will illustrate the endless reasons to why this is my favourite Pokemon. And the yet to explain reason for why it was used in the Pokemon VG Masters World Championship

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Rotom Wash

rotom washKicking off with one very popular Pokemon in the game. A Pokemon with a lot of story and has very unique characteristics that make it so admirable. This pokemon is the one and only Rotom Wash.


Introduction to Rotom Wash

An evolution of the original Rotom, this Pokemon is a generation Five (Gen V) Pokemon. Rotom can evolve into many evolutions including our featured Rotom Wash, Rotom Heat, Rotom Fan, Rotom Frost, Rotom Mow.

Like Eevee, Rotom has many choices to evolve into; however, unlike Eevee, Rotom doesn’t require a stone to evolve…

Mysteriously, Rotom starts as a ghost and electric typing and is able to do something quite spooky. It takes control of household appliances in order to evolve. Maybe you have got the pattern here relating to the choices of evolutions I had just mentioned. If it takes control of a freezer, then it becomes Rotom Frost… If it takes control of a lawn mower, then it becomes Rotom Mow… I wish this Pokemon was real because if it took control of my electronics in my phone store, then I would be rich!

But this post is about Rotom Wash!!!

Yes, we are going to talk about Rotom Wash which is the most popular and debatably the favoured evolutionary path of Rotom. Why is Rotom Wash the most popular compared to the other evolutions though? Well, this is mostly due to its strength within the game. I will explain this further when talking about Rotom Wash’s impact towards the game under section “The Game”.

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