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Hey and welcome to Docs Bolts, the Home of Pokemon Art.


A special hello from Jerry, our main writer and Pokemon enthusiast.

“Hey Guys! I personally welcome you all to Docs Bolts, our home where we should connect, share our knowledge, opinions, art and more. I hope you all enjoy your stay!”

This is not just a place to view the incredible artistic talents of Pokemon fans, but it is much more than that. The plan is for you, the passionate fans of Pokemon to connect with each other and understand everything there is to know about each individual Pokemon. Think of it like Pokemon Wiki; however, with a more engaging, enjoyable feel with a connection you can make towards other fans and artists.

Here, you can learn about Pokemon in many ways such as their background in the Anime including the stories they have and what makes them so unique. Some Pokemon have unimaginable history and some are present in a turn of events which changes the entire Pokemon world.

We will also talk about the game. Many Pokemon make insane appearances during the game which makes them stand out from the rest. Some of you may have or haven’t played all of the Pokemon game generations and are impatiently curious about what impact your favourite Pokemon has during some you may have not played or missed.

Thinking outside the box, why are Pokemon designed and created the way they are? Our writings will also talk about the Pokemon’s meanings, design ideas and more. An example is that two pokemon were designed originally as a single Pokemon and then split into two Pokemon to fulfill their roles more easily. Who these Pokemon are is a secret for now, but may be a topic during a future post, so you need to keep up to date!

Last but not least is our platform in which we will share our Pokemon with – Art. Art is becoming more and more recognised as the internet grows and personally I have seen more and more amazing artwork out there which must be shared. The artwork we showcase is mostly digitally edited which is Ok because as we all know, Pokemon is digital too. Some artwork we have ready is actually drawn in real life using unique artistic methods and is to be explained within our posts too, so we have so much to talk about. Have art or anything to Pokemon related to give us, then submit it via our contact page.

Just here to see art? Then we have a dedicated art page purposed to showcase some of the internet’s best artwork. View is here. The artwork can be pleasantly seen on your mobile phone screen, whether it would be on tablet or an iPhone.

To excite you a little bit, here are two videos you should watch to see the real difference between the first and the latest Pokemon theme songs. The lyrics… The graphics… The Pokemon… everything is different.

Pokemon Season 1 Theme Song

Pokemon Season 18 Theme Song

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