absolabsol-megaFor the reason of which I do not have the patience to wait until another time to show my other favourite Pokemon joint with Entei. This Pokemon is Absol, The Disaster Pokemon.

“Absol, The Disaster Pokemon”

Introduction to Absol

This is our first featured Pokemon to have currently been given the addition of a mega evolutions. If you do not know what a mega evolution is, then take a look at Bulbapedia’s explanation of what a mega evolution is. But, it basically means that the Pokemon is much stronger for a short time.

Focusing on Absol, this is a Pokemon which is a long time favourite of mine and is a very popular favourite to fans, especially in Japan (don’t ask me why). It is based on the design of a cat and takes its ‘known by’ name as the Disaster Pokemon most likely because cats are full of mischief.

Absol’s type is Dark and has a straightforward design of black and white along with looking like a cat too. However, it has one stand out feature and this is its large scythe on the side of its head. It uses this a lot when in battle.

Its mega form is even better, increasing its size, giving it more fur, a differently shaped scythe and not to mention… Wings!

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