EnteiFor the second Pokemon I couldn’t resist to choose the personal favourite (joint favourite between two Pokemon). This Pokemon is Entei, The Volcano Pokemon.


“Entei, The Volcano Pokemon”

Introduction to Entei

Entei is known as the Volcano Pokemon which one appears every time a volcano appears within the Pokemon world. Also, it is known to erupt volcanoes whenever it lets out its ferocious roar.

Entei is one of the three legendary dog Pokemon from generation 2 which are resurrected by Ho-oh when the brass tower is burned down when struck by lightning. Entei represents the flames which burnt it down along with the other two legendary dogs representing the lightning (Rakou) which started the flames and the rain (Suicune) which put out the flames.

This Pokemon has become our blog’s second post for a reason and I will illustrate the endless reasons to why this is my favourite Pokemon. And the yet to explain reason for why it was used in the Pokemon VG Masters World Championship

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