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absolabsol-megaFor the reason of which I do not have the patience to wait until another time to show my other favourite Pokemon joint with Entei. This Pokemon is Absol, The Disaster Pokemon.

“Absol, The Disaster Pokemon”

Introduction to Absol

This is our first featured Pokemon to have currently been given the addition of a mega evolutions. If you do not know what a mega evolution is, then take a look at Bulbapedia’s explanation of what a mega evolution is. But, it basically means that the Pokemon is much stronger for a short time.

Focusing on Absol, this is a Pokemon which is a long time favourite of mine and is a very popular favourite to fans, especially in Japan (don’t ask me why). It is based on the design of a cat and takes its ‘known by’ name as the Disaster Pokemon most likely because cats are full of mischief.

Absol’s type is Dark and has a straightforward design of black and white along with looking like a cat too. However, it has one stand out feature and this is its large scythe on the side of its head. It uses this a lot when in battle.

Its mega form is even better, increasing its size, giving it more fur, a differently shaped scythe and not to mention… Wings!

The ArtAbsol Art by UnknownThe art chosen for this featured post is this amazing portrayal of the mega evolution of Absol. I tried to find the artist of this piece, but had no luck anywhere which is a shame to not throw a shout out to the creator of this outstanding artwork.

Anyway, this piece perfectly extracts what Absol exactly means… The Disaster Pokemon. When looking at this image, what do you feel if you was standing right in front of it in real life? You will most likely be very afraid and fear that hell will break loose within the coming moments. This artwork does exactly that.

This piece looks to be drawn with the use of some kind of paint, maybe watercolour like for the rotom art. It works incredibly well as you can see the smoothness of the Pokemon’s fur and then the unimaginable details on Absol’s wings.

The surroundings are also what make the picture great. There is a lot happening with the combination of a lot of smoke, spiky rocks, steam and the red sky. All of this creating a combined effect of catastrophe ready to be unleashed.

With the incorporation of Absol bang in the middle of it, this is a piece of art perfectly portrays “The Disaster Pokemon.”


The Anime

Absol makes many appearances in the Anime, the most noticeable during the movies – Absol-ute Disaster and Jirachi: Wish Maker. Its Anime appearances is what makes this Pokemon my favourite Pokemon.

During Absol-ute Disaster, Absol is a Pokemon under the control of the villain. Its trainer was after the legendary Pokemon Celebi. Known for its great power, the trainer wanted to catch Celebi for its own plans and used Absol for it. As Absol is a dark type, it is rather strong versus the un experienced Celebi and scares it many times.

In the movie, you can see a lot of Absol’s insane strength. However, during Jirachi: Wish Maker, you can see that an Absol has a good side. The wild Absol seems like the leader of a bunch of wild Pokemon in the area of the film and is seen to be intelligent enough to see that the legendary Pokemon, Jirachi is in need of help. Absol helps Jirachi out and makes some intense visuals during the film. Below is just one of them.absol wish maker

Absol also makes many appearances in the TV series, one of them has to be mentioned as its Mega form makes its debut in the episode Mega Evolution Special and also the movie Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction

Mega Absol is shown to be incredibly strong and shares similar abilities to the normal Absol. Here is a video of Mega Absol in action during the Mega Evolution Special

Yeah, it loses, but it was vs Alon, known as a very strong trainer Mega Charizard. It was a close battle though.


The Game

During the game, Absol doesn’t make any major appearances. It is only known to be a rather strong Pokemon with high speed and attack stats. It has a large move pool along with being able to take advantage of special attacks during its mega evolution due to its special attack rising.

Even though Absol is my favourite Pokemon along with Entei, it doesn’t make any of my best teams in the game. It just isn’t that strong in the game as compared to what the Anime portrays it as which is a shame. But, you cannot rule him out as it is still very strong, you just need to defend it well.



Absol is an incredibly unique Pokemon with a gift to bring disaster unlike any other Pokemon. It has a unique design which is loved by most Pokemon fans and makes the best of appearances in the Anime. Not to mention that the artwork is amazing to see… Too bad I couldn’t find the artist…

This is why this is my joint best Pokemon of all time and makes ur third featured Pokemon of Docs Bolts.

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