Rotom Wash

rotom washKicking off with one very popular Pokemon in the game. A Pokemon with a lot of story and has very unique characteristics that make it so admirable. This pokemon is the one and only Rotom Wash.

Introduction to Rotom Wash

An evolution of the original Rotom, this Pokemon is a generation Five (Gen V) Pokemon. Rotom can evolve into many evolutions including our featured Rotom Wash, Rotom Heat, Rotom Fan, Rotom Frost, Rotom Mow.

Like Eevee, Rotom has many choices to evolve into; however, unlike Eevee, Rotom doesn’t require a stone to evolve…

Mysteriously, Rotom starts as a ghost and electric typing and is able to do something quite spooky. It takes control of household appliances in order to evolve. Maybe you have got the pattern here relating to the choices of evolutions I had just mentioned. If it takes control of a freezer, then it becomes Rotom Frost… If it takes control of a lawn mower, then it becomes Rotom Mow… I wish this Pokemon was real because if it took control of my electronics in my phone store, then I would be rich!

But this post is about Rotom Wash!!!  Oh and it’s sponsored by Landscape Gardeners Horsham

Yes, we are going to talk about Rotom Wash which is the most popular and debatably the favoured evolutionary path of Rotom. Why is Rotom Wash the most popular compared to the other evolutions though? Well, this is mostly due to its strength within the game. I will explain this further when talking about Rotom Wash’s impact towards the game under section “The Game”.

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