It is time to introduce one of the top strongest legendary type Pokemon in the Pokemon world. This Pokemon is Rayquaza, the Sky High Pokemon


“Rayquaza, The Sky High Pokemon”

Introduction to Rayquaza

It wouldn’t be right to not have included one of the top tier legendary Pokemon yet, so here it is – Rayquaza. Rayquaza gets its name of ‘the sky high Pokemon’ because of its location high up in the ozone layer. But, why is it there? Well, Rayquaza is known to be the protecter of the Pokemon world we know, so when there is need of help, Rayquaza is there to help and does so in some of the Anime, but more on that later.

Rayquaza is a Dragon and Flying type Pokemon which can fly at insane speeds. It takes the look of a Chinese dragon and can also mega evolve in the new games – Pokemon XY and Pokemon ORAS games.

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The Art


Right, I came across this piece of art while looking through some Pinterest artwork. I tried to look for the creator, but with no luck. If you can try and decipher the name shown at the bottom of the art, please contact us. What we do know is that the art is called Meteor Stream and was published on 2011. 1. 7. The Pinterest I found it on is at https://uk.pinterest.com/jiash4768/pokemon.  You can see many similar arts here.

Focusing more on the artwork itself… This is one hell of a creation. Rayquaza, deriving from the ozone layer and launching a meteor shower in this artwork perfectly captures what the Pokemon is about. Also, because this Pokemon is a dragon type, it could also be using Draco Meteor, a well known and powerful dragon type move in the game.

Whoever created this piece applied so much detail to the piece of art as you can see every scale on Rayquaza’s body and the molten rock breaking of each meteor. It is hard to see if the art started of as a hand drawn painting and then enhanced digitally or just digitally all together. However, it is safe to say it looks realistic with the many small details it has.

The artist has also taken consideration to the sun’s rays and it perfectly glistens on Rayquaza’s body. It reminds me a lot of the limousines I saw at a local limo service with its long shiny body that many people can ride on.

The Anime

Rayquaza’s first major appearance was during the Pokemon movie Destiny Deoxys. It takes one of the main roles in the movie as it protects the Pokemon world when Deoxys speeds past the ozone layer and lands on earth. Rayquaza and Deoxys take each other on in some insane fights during the movie. Here is a video to see them.

As you can see, Rayquaza has some insane power. It also made many appearances throughout the TV series and other Pokemon movies. One that cannot be left out is its appearance in the latest Pokemon movie Hoopa and the Clash of Ages.

Rayquaza was a shiny and Mega Evolved! What more can you ask for! Here is a little sneak peak of what it looks like alongside Mega Groudon in the movie. I won’t show you a video clip as you will have to see this movie (no spoilers). But, it does a great job at fighting against the enemies in the movie.shiny mega rayquaza

The Game

Within the game, Rayquaza has always been insanely strong and why shouldn’t it be? It’s a top tier legendary after all. Before mega evolution came out, Rayquaza took the crown as the strongest Dragon type in the game. With some competition from the later legendary dragon types in generation 4 and 5, Rayquaza was always a top sweeper.

Now Rayquaza has a Mega Evolution, what is holding it back now? Rayquaza is debatebly now the strongest Pokemon in the game. Having only to learn the move Dragon Ascent to Mega evolve, it is the only Pokemon that can mega evolve and have a strong battle item held at the same time.


Rayquaza is a god like Pokemon with an ancient role to protect our Pokemon World. The artwork is one of my favourite I have ever seen. I wish to find one exactly the same one day, but in perfect resolution to use as a desktop background.

Remember to help me find the creator of the art!

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