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KyogreA little bit of topic to focusing on specific Pokemon, but remember, this is a blog focused on artwork too and when I find good artwork, they cannot be left out. So, we have this piece of artwork based on all water Pokemon.

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Marine Life Of The Pokemon World


Water Pokemon in Pokemon have some kind of unique characteristic to them. They all have the same elegantness to the way they swim and the way they battle. Like in real life, the Pokemon ocean has its own mystery about how many Pokemon have been discovered. We dive quite deep in the game, but not that deep… So, there are more out there.

I chose the artwork to feature in this blog due to its popularity and clear quality it has. 

The Art

water pokemonThis artwork is very popular on the internet and you can see why. It is very well created and has many Pokemon within it. This art probably has most of the water types in it as there are in the Pokemon world we know today, so you need to check closely to see how many you can spot.

The artwork itself is created by a rather well known digital artist known as GreyAnimeBeast. He has created a lot of artwork and when I mean a lot, I mean A LOT. They are all equally as good even if they are a small piece to a full size wallpaper piece.

This artwork itself was probably created with a typical process. Usually outlining all objects by drawing them with a pencil then moving onto digital media to then add all the details. You can see that GreyAnimeBeast has spent a lot of time on this as there are so many details and Pokemon to see.

Check out GreyAnimeBeast’s artwork.


The Anime

In the Anime, water Pokemon take a rather generic role. From the first TV series episode, water pokemon have taken a major role including Squirtle being one of Ash’s first Pokemon and Misty being a water trainer.

Water Pokemon, as mentioned earlier, take on a unique elegance to the way they are portrayed in the Anime. Like in real life, each Pokemon swims with a unique style and their abilities are all different too.


The Game

In the game, the water type is considered to be the strongest typing out of all the types. There are many reasons to this, firstly because many of the water Pokemon have a good stat spread through hp, attack, defense, special attack, special defense and speed.

However, one of the most noticeable strengths is that water Pokemon have good defenses vs other strong types. This includes not being very effective by fire, steel and ice and then only having two weakness which are the uncommon electric and grass.

Many water Pokemon can also access moves out of its type field such as Ice type attacks and status moves like will o’wisp. These all make water Pokemon incredibly strong.



After considering a generic water type post, be ready to see other Pokemon type posts too.

Another Shoutout to GreyAnimeBeast!

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